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          MEET THE CAST


Giavonna A. Banner is a Film and Theatre Actress based out of Philadelphia. She is known for her roles in Mario Cerrito III's "Human Hibachi II" and Jimmy DaSaint's "Broken Trust”. Giavonna has trained at the Philadelphia Acting Studio; under the artistic direction of Bernard Glincosky and Adam Ratcliffe. She loves a good laugh and is extremely passionate about the arts!


Tasha Holmes, a dedicated mother, and lover of the arts was born in Germany and now lives in PA with her family. She has modeled for Macy's and Main Line Models and has been in several film productions in the Philadelphia area. Tasha has lent her talents to various stage plays and is currently directing a virtual production for the Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company. She loves Chinese pizza, yeah, don’t knock it until you tried it, and she considers herself a foodie. Tasha is nothing without the love and support of her family and Daniel, her adorable son, continues to inspire her daily.


Robert B.O. Rand is a Camden New Jersey native, born in South Camden's Centerville section. Growing up in one of the city’s most Notorious neighborhoods, faced with many facets of adversity, he vowed to find a way out! Raised by his mother and grandparents, Bobby had a deep religious background installed at an early age. He also had a knack for the camera as a youngster. As the years went by, hard times fell upon him, causing Bobby to stray away from religion and to walk towards the streets. There, he adopted a lifestyle that sent him on a path of destruction which led him to serve a 10-year prison term. It was there and then he knew he had to make a drastic change if he wanted to stay alive. While in prison he refocused his energy on entertainment. He enrolled and completed classes to help with speech and expression. Upon his release, he landed a role with a television series based out of the tri-state area which broke Nielsen ratings in 2013. Bobby also appeared in various other television full lengths and commercials. This gave him the motivation and confidence he needed to conquer his original quest to get his family out of the streets of Camden NJ for good! This young, black, up-and-coming actor is on fire, and he continues to book roles in movies, television shows, and now, stage plays! One of Bobby’s goals is to one day be amongst the Elite African American entertainers!


Keyiera Douglas, is excited to perform in her upcoming role as Dr. Patel. She loves to act and when she's not working, she's rehearsing lines or practicing monologues! 


Chadwick Antonio Rawlings is very excited to be a part of this production of Ain't No Sunshine! Chadwick has been acting in plays since his early youth. Most recently he has appeared in Theatre projects such as Rent, Death of a Salesman, and A Soldiers Play. He can also be seen in countless TV appearances as well as consistent modeling in fitness, fashion and business magazines. Chadwick is also an accomplished Martial Artist who instructs local youth in the Brazilian art of Capoeira. When he is not on the stage or screen, he divides his time working with animals and those in need. He truly believes his mission in life is to change the lives of others for the better. Chadwick would like to thank his parents and the entire cast, production and director!



Marc Holladay is Actor, Comedian, and Model, whose talent continues to build his resume! Marc’s natural talent has been groomed by John Casablanca’s modeling & career center located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is inspired by a range of actors & comedians from Bernie Mac, Robin Harris, to Richard Pryor. He enjoys when people compare his sense of humor to the comedian genius of Martin Lawrence. Being in character and on stage is second nature for him! His style is very original and unique, which will keep everyone entertained.

Marc has won a number of awards from best actor, best performance, and best show for theatre performances. From commercials to movie extras, to stage plays, his focused is set on his pursuit to reach the top.


Ira Warren is an ordained pastor, holistic massage therapist, actress, poet, singer, author and is the Founder of Molestation Epidemic. Ira Warren graduated in 2013 from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. in Theology. She is also a Certified Christian Counselor. The native Texan now resides in Philadelphia, PA with her husband John Warren and three of ten their children. Her husband and children are right behind her supporting her dreams. Her passion is to serve and to bring awareness to child molestation and domestic violence in her community. Her vision is to make her organization Molestation Epidemic worldwide until every victim’s voice is heard. Ira Warren's motto is "Overcome to Become" who God has created one to be.


David Lee was born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised by his father, an immigrant from Jamaica and his is mother, whose roots are from Alabama. He moved to Delaware when he was seventeen, and from there he entered the navy. He served four years but had to leave due to medical reasons. Acting has always been one of David’s passions, and now he is able to show his talents on the stage! He plans to continue pursuing the arts and allow God to lead the way.


Shamya Butler-Bonne lives in West Philadelphia and recently graduated from college with a degree in Theatre. She enjoys working and earning money, as well as acting in stage plays! She is looking forward to playing Serenity!


Jared “Jeez” Patterson is a Philadelphia native. Studying Drama at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he has been in theater productions such as “Tape”, “The Embalmer”, “A Servant of two Masters”, and “Hospital of the Incurables”.

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