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Bring that fucking anesthesiologist in here!” Monitors, blood, medical instruments, screaming, people, nurses, doctors, and a seventeen-year-old adolescent who is about to bring an innocent, precious life into this world. At this point, I still don't know where I went wrong. I was supposed to be on the honor society in high school and perusing my promising modeling career. Here I am, failing my junior year of high school, big as a house, and unsure if my baby's father is going to be here in time for our child’s arrival. All I can do is scream for the lethal dose of drugs that will make this pain diminish. “Breathe and relax, the anesthesiologist will be back in a second to give you the epidural.” These words from the nurse sound comforting, but then a contraction comes and the pain takes over, “Any god damn minute now!”


     As far back as I can remember I was always in situations I would not repair, or just didn’t know how to fix. You would think I would have learned a lesson or two from my mother. She has ten children (her first at age sixteen and her youngest at thirty-six) and five baby fathers. But you know what they say about assuming.


      My name is Sunshine. I am the third oldest of the ten, and I still couldn't retain the knowledge from some of the examples set in front of me. My journey in life has taken me through some tough times. I’ve learned some extremely difficult life lessons and some still remain a mystery. 


“Aint No Sunshine” has so much life, adversity, and surprises in store for the reader.  This story often keeps you guessing, and contemplating the outcome, but you will only discover what’s in store by making your purchase today. Enjoy Reader, Enjoy!

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